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A Refreshing Way to Stay Healthy

Healthy food options and meal replacements.

Blended for Your Wellness and Satisfaction

Scenic City Smoothie is a locally owned and operated smoothie café in Lakesite, Tennessee. We are dedicated to providing the members of our community some much-needed healthy food options and meal replacements that can help them live longer and happier. Contact us for more information!

Now Offering Sorbet!

 Sorbet Now Available along with Waffle Cones and Specialty Waffle Cones such as Pumpkin Spice and Dark Chocolate!

2023 Smoothie, Smoothie Bowl, & Limited Edition Menu 9-4-23-1.png
2023 Sorbet, Juice, Coffee Menu 9-4-22-1.png

Meet Our Owners, Christi and Gary Blankenship 


Mission Statement

To Provide Lakesite and our surrounding area with a Healthy Choice for a Snack or a Meal Replacement.


Finally a smoothie place that tastes good AND taste healthy!

Prices are very reasonable and man oh man the flavor!

Don't compare to Smoothie King or others as they're loaded with sugar to hide the lack of flavor. This place clearly uses high quality ingredients and great customer service. Local small business owner that has a passion for taking care of people and doesn't skimp on the details.

Worth the drive to Lakesite to try these smoothies. Choc Banana Split is my fav, and the Sweet Strawberry smoothie bowl was an eye opener to deliciousness!!!

- Josh Westover

Scenic City Smoothie Customer

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